Baha, Land of Fish Taco

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Cabo San Lucas is on the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula. Being a port city and surrounded on all sides by ocean, it’s unsurprising that fish is the main dish. There are even restaurants on the marina where you can bring your own fresh catch for them to prepare, it that’s your thing.

tacos nopales y camarones at Tacos Gardenias

And of course, “El Rey” of all fish dishes in Cabo is the taco. Nearly every restaurant has some variation, each in a soft corn tortilla with necessary accompaniments. Our favorite by far was Tacos Gardenias, with their perfectly cooked shrimp and nopales, not to mention mum’s favorite seafood cocktail. Don’t pass up their house “salsa secreto.”

gaspacho de aguacate at La Bibioteca de Tequila

The other big winner was La Biblioteca de Tequilla (Tequilla library? Be still my little librarian heart!). At the far end of the Marina overlooking the beach, La Biblioteca was the total experience. The unique cocktails and tequila tasting flights were a welcome change from the seemingly non-stop corona and the food was stand-out fantastic. My vegetarian enchiladas were filled with corn and a topped with a huitlacoche sauce. Mum’s avocado and crab soup had a fresh, slightly smokey flavor. Think 5 star restaurant service with neuvo latin cuisine and inventive cocktails. (and now i’m hungry…)

Maro’s Shrimp House, a tourist favorite, gets a mention for its huge portions at low prices. The menu consists only of steak and seafood and the crowd is ruckus, but they were very nice and helped me with a vegetarian meal.


Now, I can be a bit of a beer snob.  My flat is less than a mile walk to three different craft breweries, so i’ve grown accustomed to a variety of fresh local beers. A Corona or a Dos Equis is a refreshing choice for by the pool, but it gets old. Fast. Thankfully, there are two small craft breweries in town that are there to help.  Baja Brewing Company is the best known, with a few different brew pub locations. Mum and I did a flight of their choices, disagreed on our favorites, and spend the rest of the week trying to plan when we were going back. Newer on the scene is Cervecería Rámuri. Attached to a restaurant, they had a number of great choices, mostly in a German or Belgian style.

Vegetarians might find things a bit limiting. You may have to hunt for a passable option and its quite common that the rice and beans are made with lard. Also be aware that some restaurants fry everything in the same oil, so if you’re very strict and don’t want your fries or chile rellenos in the same oil as fish, make sure you ask.


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