IMG_3160This is a story about “Mum” and Li.  We’re a mother-daughter team that is always looking for our next adventure together. Our bond is something we want to share, to encourage parents to find a passion you share with each of your children and build upon that passion. For us, that passion is the exploration of other ways of living; through the food, drink, art, architecture, landscape, languages, ceremonies, and religious beliefs that drive each unique culture of people. The wonderment, laughter and crises we face through our travels are shared – whether we’re on together or solo trips, and whether that excursion includes simply exploring each others’ cities or takes us across the world.

Although we now live in different states, that’s never interfered with our having a great time. Now we just send each other a text, “Meet U at Gate!”

Travel along and enjoy our journey of mother-daughter travel — and friendship.



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